Sunday, 20 November 2016



Over the past few days, Mr Shanahan’s literacy group have had an awesome time looking at chemistry. We tested different substances and tried to find what 5 mystery powders were, depending on their reaction with our base. The first day, we took the 5 powders and smelt, touched and even tasted them to see what they were. Then we mixed them with vinegar and tried to identify them.

The next day we did a cool experiment with red cabbage and mystery powders 1 and 4. First we put cabbage leaves in a ziplock bag and added water. We mixed them together until the water turned a lovely purple/blue colour. Then we poured the water into a clear cup and put spoonfuls of it into our powders. Powder 1 made the water turn blue and made it less transparent unless there was more water. Powder 2 turned pink and created lots of bubbles that fizzed up and overflowed out of the cup!

We all loved our chemistry experiments, here some photos of the wonderful outcomes.

Great job everyone. We all had a fantastic time learning about the world
of chemistry. 

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